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why we're here.

The conservative misinformation campaign sweeping the nation that purports to defend education against a so-called "anti-white" curriculum is hard to miss, and highly misleading.


As the anti-Critical Race Theory campaign mobilizes racist ideology to regain political capital, we must not allow a false narrative to take hold. In fact, baseless claims from conservative leaders that this "divisive curriculum" exacerbates racism has prompted an ironic opportunity to demonstrate the necessity of truth in education.


Most people are familiar with a very specific narrative and framing of American history, what many historians call the Master Narrative. But what is lesser known is that this framing is wrought with omissions, inconsistencies, myths, and misconceptions that withhold the full truth of our history from our children. The next generation of miseducated youth will be the ones building our future based upon the history they learn. It is essential they learn the truth.


This Master Narrative is the flawed basis of everything our children have learned, and what anti-critical race theory activists are fighting to protect. Certain conservative leaders would prefer to mischaracterize the most basic truths of our history, and prevent today's momentum toward racial justice from entering our classrooms. Why? Because if our children understood a more comprehensive, more accurate history, they might be impelled to do something about it. 


Right now, nearly half of all states are harnessing this anti-CRT momentum to ban the teaching of what they claim to be broadly "divisive" concepts. Conservative legislators will continue to pass laws that broadly limit how teachers can talk about discrimination, gender, race, sexuality, and oppression in the classroom. Impactful educators will lose their jobs and those afraid of backlash will censor their teaching.


Our right to educational curricula that mirror our world and affirm, empower, and motivate all students depends on citizens like us standing up for truth in education.


Our children and our world will be better for it.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Our Mission

strength in collective.

We are seeking to build and sustain an advocacy movement for truth in education by empowering individuals like you to take leadership within your communities.

We believe in a world in which our children have a factual basis for understanding the present, and are prepared to build a more just and equitable future.

Our children's right to educational curriculum that mirrors our world and affirms, empowers, and motivates all students depends on citizens like us standing up for truth in education.


Join us

Cindy Malouf

First, I'm a mom who believes in telling my children the truth, even when it's hard. Second, I know from my own experience that in order to move forward, you must confront what is uncomfortable about your past––same goes for our country. Third, I work in service of educational equity, and am dedicated to knowing better and doing better, learning and growing everyday. And finally, I am a parent defending truth in education because I believe that the societal challenges we face are a consequence of our nation's inability to confront the unvarnished truth of our history.


I've created this guide to help inspire us all to stand up and get loud.

Share your journey, thoughts, and resources with me and together we can give our kids the fighting chance they deserve to build a better world.

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